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Events covers current, upcoming and recent major events affecting the University's networks. There is also information on upcoming scheduled power interruptions as well as links to the ITS, ROSI and UofT Portal status pages.


The Performance area provides reports on network performance and information on bandwidth management activities. Specifically, you will find performance graphs for every University departmental and residence network as well as the University's global internet and national research network gateways. Additionally, there is information on what is currently being done to manage access to the University's internet bandwidth.


The Security section describes the current network security threats the University is facing and what actions are being taken to address these issues. This section also describes the various network security features currently in place on the gateway and departmental networks.


The Accounting area provides information on the amount of traffic generated by hosts within the University. Note: This area contains details regarding specific University hosts, therefore, access is restricted to the University of Toronto community.


The Configuration section outlines the architecture of the University of Toronto backbone core network.


In Services you will find information regarding the managed service offerings available from the Network Operations Group, including the Institutional Backup Service and the Workflow Automation and Rapid Application Development System solution.


Under Contact you will find contact information and an overview of the organizational structure and scopes of responsibility of the Security Operations Group.

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